Vote Smart Works for Deutsche Bank’s UK Charity of the Year and transform a woman’s life.

Smart Works has been shortlisted for Deutsche Bank‘s UK Charity of the year; an incredible opportunity that will help us make a significant impact in transforming the lives of women across the UK.

A vote for Smart Works means we can:
1. Double the number of women we help.
2. Expand from 11 to 14 centres.
3. Invest in digital transformation to increase efficiency and capacity.
4. Create systemic change, removing barriers to employment.

Whether you work at Deutsche Bank or not, you can still make a difference.
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A vote for Smart Works is a vote for economic empowerment and for making a positive impact of change for women at a time when employment has never been more important, nor the Smart Works service more needed.

Together, we can make a positive impact and help 50,000 women across the UK by 2025.